You don’t need a degree. You need a P.O.V.!

 The landscape of creative has changed for the first time ever, there are more phones and gadgets in the world then there are people... That means there are more than 7 billion phones in the world that have cameras and access to a platform to share what we do...Learn how to navigate in this new landscape with one company that supplies the REAL TALENT, REAL BRANDS, NEW REELS. Be a part of the ONLY Media Training company that breeds the thoroughbreds of the Industry. BecomeAHost is the only company teaching and supplying you with the knowledge/materials that the buyers and production companies want in this new Social Digital Interactive Dawn of Media.

You think you know it all? No Full offense, you DON’T.

Not only does BecomeAHost teach their talent how to create original content, from podcasts to weekly web series to blogs to thought provoking Twitter talk. Brand Purging – cleaning up your Instagram/going live weekly. BecomeAHost breeds the new ‘Triple Threat’, Host/Producer/Writer/Editor… yeah its no longer ‘triple’; three isn’t enough. Turn your personalized brands into your own networks, we encourage you to be the best version of yourself and bring EVEYRTHING to the table. In this NEW landscape, BecomeAHost is always one step ahead, working from the NEW model of media that production companies/networks are DEMANDING you need to know in order to be a WORKING host in the industry. 

It’s BecomeAHost’ s 20th Anniversary!

For twenty years, BecomeAHost founder Marki Costello’s dedication to her work has changed the game! As the number one media coach in the world, her #1 goal is for her talent to SUCCEED. Marki transforms her talent into hirable hosts, even before casting directors know what type of host they want to hire! (We mentioned that we were AHEAD of the curve, right??)

As a present to herself for celebrating twenty years in the breed and brand biz (say that five times fast!), Marki decided she’s handpicking the talent she wants to coach and can imagine herself collaborating with in the future. You MUST have a strong work ethic, positive attitude, understand that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and be willing to BE the most YOU you’ve ever flipping been! #NoFilter is also welcomed.

Should Marki decide to invite you to be a part of this focused and FUN community of hosts – seriously, we are the “cool kids table” of host life – be ready to get OUT of your head and INTO the world! We have the top coaches, social media experts, and industry heavyweight guest instructors to help you take your career to the next level. Let’s BUILD YOUR EMPIRE!

Check out some of the brands that have been born/bred and developed here at BecomeAHost!

Jaco Veinings –

James Simmons –

Courtney Sixx –

Colt Paulsen-

Tiffany Taylor-

Check out more of the produced content, from some the brands that have been bred here at BecomeAHost! (Click here)

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