ESPN lays off 100 on-camera personalities to focus on DIGITAL!!!

Posted on: Fri, 2017-04-28 00:29   By: cmeg

ESPN just laid off 100 on-camera personalities and writers so that they can focus on building their digital presence, which is exactly what I have been preaching and teaching for two years now! 


The days of TV and digital merging are over! TV and digital have already merged and networks are having to adjust. NBC Universal was smart enough to forecast this and even invested in stocks of SnapChat (now Snap Inc.). E! Online is thriving because they are working with the new model and providing their viewers with on-demand news 24/7. 


Broadcast subscription numbers are getting lower and lower! If the networks don’t keep up and build a digital network in addition to their broadcast, they will crumble. ESPN was already late to the game and this change should have happened a year ago. 


Now more than ever, it is crucial to build your digital footprint with your networks because remember your network equals your net worth! Every day talent should be working on their brands, creating webisodes, writing a once-a-week blog post, and keeping up with their social media. 


It's time to start working from the new model because those who are working from the old model are OUT! The recent lay-off at ESPN is proof of that! The talent that book jobs are the ones constantly putting in work and keeping up with their social media. No one wants the clean and polished host anymore, they want the real, personable, and opinionated on-camera personality! 


If you’re reading this and asking yourself “what is the new model?”, I have a free lecture in LA on May 12th 2017 from 12pm - 2pm and check the Hosting Bootcamps tab on the website for information on the neccessary course where we go over everything and get you up to date! 


Marki xoxo