THE New Social Interactive Digital Dawn of Television/media

Posted on: Wed, 2014-11-19 01:24   By: Marki Costello

“Why so many changes?” you ask, in the hosting world, or should I say MEDIA because we have now entered INTO…

THE New Social Interactive Digital Dawn of Television/media.

SO…In this new social, digital, interactive dawn of TV, buyers don’t want to buy ‘Hosty Hosts’ anymore.  I know what you are thinking. “WHAT?” Lol. Well yes. It’s not enough to be pretty, polished and perfect anymore…if you think about it makes you sorta non-relatable because perfection is too hard to be and doesn’t really exisit and buyers i.e. networks, production companies, anyone who is going to buy you as on camera talent, DON’T WANT HOSTY HOSTS ANYMORE ........… 3 years ago, audiences, US, you and I  only had 3-4 choices of where they/we could go to get the information, the content we needed and more importantly, loved.  So if you were a sports fanatic, well, you had ESPN, FOX, etc. Now if you want to get sports content because you live, eat and sleep sports news…actually don’t take my word for it.  Go to YouTube and type in sports wrap up shows and see how many come up. When I did it this morning before I wrote this blog, 2,200 came up for me/you, the audience, the sports junkie to choose from. That’s why networks were heavily content driven. However, now AUDIENCES CAN GET THE INFO THAT THEY LOVE/WANT/NEED FROM ANYWHERE! We have devices in our own homes that we can get 50,000 different forms of information delivered into our hands in a flash. We wake up in the morning, look at our phones and check twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine… then we move onto our ipads whilst we are having breakfast and bring up CNN or CBS … then we get to work where we are at our computers and TVs constantly receiving notifications and alerts about what’s going on in the world. So here is where you need to pay attention: NOW IN THIS NEW SOCIAL INTERACTIVE DAWN OF MEDIA /TV, content isn’t enough to drive the viewer to the network. We want the on-air personality we like, enjoy and relate toooooooo giving us the content we love so now we care about who’s telling us what is going on – The On-Air Personality. . Audiences now have the power and/or the luxury to choose WHO they want to get their information from, not WHERE… So make sure they CHOOSE YOU!

Audience. Audience. Audience. That’s all that matters in this new social, digital, interactive dawn of television and if you want to be a successful on camera TV personality, you must learn how to put your AUDIENCE first. Hmm…that seems easy enough. Put the audience first.  DONE ....well it’s not that easy. It sounds easy, but you still have other elements to hosting that you have to balance while putting your audience first.

Been wondering lately why you can’t get hired or even auditions for the jobs you were easily booking last year and the year before? It’s probably because you’re still working from an ‘Old Model.’ With this business changing so rapidly, you HAVE to keep up to date with what buyers want and need. Reels have to be changed. Last year’s reel isn’t going to work next year; by then, buyers would have changed their taste buds and will be out looking for something fresh and new. Let’s take a look at the music business: remember Napster where overnight music junkies could download music for free? Then came iTunes where audiences didn’t have to buy an entire album on CD to get the one song they loved.  TV audiences, just like music listeners, have so many choices to get the content they know and love. Just like the music business re-invented and invented itself, so do you as a HOST. Re-inventing/inventing YOUR BRAND and finding your AUDIENCE via that brand is the first step you have to take in order to catch up with the industry; insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again but expecting different results…Don’t be insane.  Be smart and start booking. Think of creating your digital footprint your own online TV station through your online brand and audience…

Because guys, we are now in the NEW SOCIAL INTERACTIVE DAWN OF MEDIA.