#TuesdayTips from Marki Costello! xoxo

Posted on: Wed, 2017-03-29 01:02   By: cmeg

Marki Costello - #TuesdayTips

Everyone gets a high five from me as we made it through Monday!

The industry is chopping and changing itself up so drastically that it’s almost impossible for talent to keep up with what the buyers want! First it was ‘social influencers’ (thank god they finally realized they couldn’t host AT ALL) and now it’s all about CONTENT! Content is king, how are buyers supposed to get a sense of who you are without seeing materials that portray your personality/brand? The days of just being a safe, boring, simple hosty host are over, FINITO! The audience has way too many different options of getting their information that they can just tweet about how terrible you are and change to a new channel (YouTube or Broadcast); this is the DIGITAL WORLD we are living in right now! So start creating content that is specific to your brand and personality, show the audience that you’re real and relatable. You can’t be afraid to go ALL THE WAY; the curtain has been pulled back, everything that used to be ‘too sensitive’ or ‘too gross’ to talk about is now what’s grabbing buyer’s attention. Take Amy Schumer for example, the ideal image of a woman who is real and relatable; women around the world love her because the shit that comes out of her mouth is what me you and all other women are thinking! The filter has dropped and it’s a free for all, so start creating content, on your Instagram, on your Snapchat, short form content that’s specific to a topic that incorporates and exposes your ‘out-there’ personality/brand!

Your viewer is the most important component in the equation to becoming a successful on camera personality. Once you master the fact that the audience is the star of the show, and you are just the co-star, then the world of hosting will be your oyster. Without the viewer, there is no show! You should be able to paint an image of your viewer as clear and precise as Von Gogh painted Starry Night. Their age, height, weight, profession, social life, everything down to the color of her (or his) nail polish. By creating this picture perfect image of your viewer then there’s nothing stopping you from having a real, authentic connection with them and once that connection is mastered then your audience will be engaged, enlightened and educated. I can’t express more how important this is, and my BecomeAHost Bootcamp teaches you the elements you need to master the creation/connection with your audience member.

These #TuesdayTips are just a few of all the elements you NEED to have in your tool box in order to SUCCEED as an On Camera Personality; and you know, there’s no one like me in the business, with my involvement in not only media coaching but also producing, casting and selling talent to buyers on a DAILY BASIS, no one has the information as quickly and as accurate as I do. This is the info I preach and teach in my Bootcamps and on-going academy so you as talent can be what the buyers are looking for!









Marki XOXO