International Week is your chance to train with hosts from all over the world.

Taught by Marki Costello, this comprehensive training program throws you head first into the industry like no other. You'll work with Marki to discover your brand, practice auditioning, and refine your on-camera skills. Read and write copy, practice co-hosting, teleprompter and shoot on green screen. Plus, you get the full "Marki" experience, learning the most invaluable tips for your career.

Months of training and one-on-one attention are packed into this one-week intensive program like no other. That's why people come from all over the world for it.




International Week takes place in Los Angeles. Meals and accomodations are provided.




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We're happy to provide you more information (including payment, accomodations, etc.)


Frequently Asked Questions about International Week:

  • Why is this course called International Week? Can I still attend if I live in another state in the U.S./am a Los Angeles local?

This course is called International Week because of its popularity with overseas hosts. You can absolutely attend if you live in another state in the U.S., or even if you're local to Los Angeles.  Angelenos, contact the office to see about special pricing.

  • What is the course curriculum? What does the 7-day class entail?

The course entails the following: Learning to recognize the elements of hosting, learning to master the elements of hosting; reading, writing, breaking down copy; teleprompter; off prompter hosting; panel hosting; co-hosting; live interview; adlibbing; mastering changing up your read; what it means to interject your personality; what it means to “make the copy your own”; connecting to the audience (in-studio and at home); voice coaching; audition tips; brand development/reinvention; social media tips and tricks; reel production (writing, coaching and editing); and culminates in a headshot photoshoot on the final day so that when you return home to wherever it is from that you came, you are 100% ready to start submitting yourself for work!

  • What is the deadline to pay the deposit to secure the spot?

You must pay the $500 deposit as soon as possible to reserve the seat. We cannot reserve a seat without a deposit.

  • Can I pay with my master card or Visa card to secure the spot? 

Yes, we will process your payment over the telephone. You must call the office at 1-888-878-2634 with your payment information so that we may process the payment. You may also email us the information (name on card, credit card number and expiration date) if you feel comfortable doing so.

  • What is your payment plan like?

$500 deposit due immediately upon reservation.  An example of your payment plan would then be: $1000 due January 1st, $1000 due February 1st, $1000 due March 1st, $1000 due April 1st, $500 due May 1st.  We do allow some flexibility with the payment plan to accommodate travelers to the best of our abilities.

  • Please confirm if the $5000 include meals, transportation and accommodation?

The $5000 includes breakfast and lunch each day (June 1-7, 2015), beach-adjacent lodging from May 31, 2015 (check in available at 4 pm) to June 7, 2015 (check out  at 10 am prior to heading to headshots), transportation to and from the Become A Host Studio from the provided lodging, 7 days of instruction, a full hosting reel and set of headshots.

  • What is not included in the course fee? What am I responsible for on my own?

You are responsible for getting yourself to Los Angeles, getting yourself from the airport to the lodging we provide, your dinners throughout the week, and then getting yourself to the airport when you're ready to depart Los Angeles.

  • Are there any opportunities to go on auditions after the 7-day course?

We provide a service called Host Hub where auditions and casting notices are posted daily, so if you choose to subscribe to that service and remain in Los Angeles after the completion of International Week, you may find some suitable auditions to go on.  We do not guarantee you will find something suitable for you.

  • I am from another country outside of the U.S.  Do I need a Visa to attend International Week?

No, you do not, as we are not an accredited educational institution. However there are a few legal details that you will come across when it comes to entering the US from overseas. Following this link to the ESTA homepage should help you in answering all other questions about visiting the US.

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