Whether you're a doctor, a lawyer, a Fortune 500 CEO or a stay-at-home parent that gets nervous talking to big groups... Marki Costello can help you take your communication skills to the next level by schooling you in the art of public speaking!  Marki has created a special course applicable to anyone who will ever have to speak to an audience, of any size and type.

Marki's Public Speaking class will prepare you for literally any public speaking scenario, and will cover things like improvising in the moment, projecting confidence, learning how to get past the nerves, and knowing your purpose as the speaker.  No matter your objective, even if it's as simple as better communication with your spouse, she's got you covered!
Get yourself ready for that keynote speech at a national conference, that huge staff meeting you have to head up, or that intimate in-home Tupperware party with Marki's Public Speaking class!   She'll teach you how to completely command that room and leave a lasting, positive impression on your audience... all without having to imagine anyone in their underwear!

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This workshop is $400*.



TBA (Winter 2014) from 10AM to 5PM.



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